Healthcare Costs: What’s Your Strategy?

By Jeff Bernier

Healthcare costs in the US have skyrocketed over the past few decades, and there seems to be no end in sight to the rising expense for individuals and families who need care. That makes having an effective strategy for covering healthcare-related expenses a critical piece of every holistic financial plan for every one of us—healthy or sick, working or retired.

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Are you prepared for every season of life? Ask yourself these 4 tough questions

By Jeff Bernier

As a financial advisor, I’ve heard every financial New Year’s resolution there is. Some include a new savings goal. The better ones focus on a new life goal. And yet, for nearly everyone I know—clients, friends, colleagues—the biggest financial challenge they face is not the lack of a goal. What’s missing from the puzzle for many is a plan for every season of life.

To help make 2018 a year of real financial change and progress in your own life, start by asking yourself these four tough questions:

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