Want a truly secure retirement? Here’s how to make the new SECURE Act work for you.

By Jeff Bernier

Just when you thought you’d tied a big, red bow on your retirement plan, Congress passed the SECURE Act in the final weeks of December. SECURE (which stands for Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) made quite a few headlines and, from my perspective, was oversold like sliced bread (it is certainly not the best thing since)!

However, despite its obvious faults, it is possible to use the Act to your advantage. The key, as always, is smart planning.

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It’s time to stop chasing the iron rabbit

By Jeff Bernier

My family lived in South Georgia when I was in high school, about 40 miles from Florida. Just over the state line, in Monticello, the Jefferson Kennel Racetrack held live greyhound races almost every night.

One night, my older brother headed to the track with a few friends, and came back with a big smile and $600 in winnings. I was amazed—and a little jealous! Not long after, I headed down to check out the races and make my own fortune. What I found instead was a pretty depressing environment. I left sad and without placing a single bet.

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