Asset Management

Align Investments with Goals and Your Ability and Willingness to Take Risks.

We employ a goal focused and planning driven investment process. This means that your financial plan drives much of the allocation recommendation. However, the portfolio should also reflect your ability and willingness to take risks. Through our collaborative asset management process, we review your existing portfolio, develop your risk preferences, help you understand the tradeoff’s the capital markets offer, and educate you on our evidence-based approach. We work with you to draft an appropriate investment objectives statement and begin to transition your portfolio. We monitor the portfolio to maintain your target asset allocation and adjust when appropriate.

As your partner, we deliver technology tools that make it easy for you to monitor progress of both your financial plan and your investment strategies. We provide detailed analytics and reporting on your portfolio with access anytime through our TandemGrowth Client Portal.

Over a lifetime of investing, it is our belief that investor behavior is the dominant determinant in the long-term success or failure of the investment strategy. Our greatest value may be as a behavioral “coach” helping clients invest rationally and not emotionally.

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Your Asset Management Plan helps you answer:

  • Are my investments allocated in a manner that offers a high probability of funding my financial plan?
  • Does my portfolio reflect my wiliness and ability to take risks?
  • Is my long-term portfolio integrated with my non-portfolio resources such as pensions, social security, employment security, debt, etc.?
  • Does my portfolio have a reasonable probability of capturing market returns in low cost, tax efficient manner?
  • Are the investments in my portfolios appropriate given the time horizon of the goals that they fund?
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