Estate Planning

Estate Planning that Reflects Your Values

Coordinated estate planning is designed to give you confidence that upon your death, wealth is passed to individuals or institutions in the most effective manner, while remaining consistent with your values.

Estate planning can be emotionally and technically complex. Our process helps to simplify the experience by starting with fundamental, albeit uncomfortable questions. This can take time. Remember, it likely took decades to build your wealth - the process of determining how it should be distributed should not be rushed or taken lightly. We actively encourage you to keep the process moving. Having no plan is probably not the right plan for you.

Collaboration and coordination are critical. We collaborate with your chosen qualified estate planning attorneys or introduce you to those in our network. We help coordinate your documents (wills, living trust), beneficiary designations, and how you hold title to your property so that they reflect the estate plan objectives.

Your Integrated estate planning will help you answer:

  • What is my philosophy around wealth transfer?
  • How much and who should receive our wealth?
  • Is there enough liquidity in the estate to provide survivor needs, pay debts, and cover tax or administrative costs?
  • Who should be the executor of my estate and trustee of any trusts created?
  • Should we establish revocable living trusts or testamentary trusts?
  • Based on the unique needs and abilities of our children, what are the appropriate ages of distribution?
  • Is the next “steward” prepared?
  • Should we use tax reduction techniques such as Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts, Family Limited Partnerships, intentionally defective trust, etc.?
  • Have I planned adequately in the event of incapacity?
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